Saturday October 8th

Free Online Real Estate Cash Flow Livestream

About the Event

Learn how you can get started using real estate to create multiple streams of income.


Live Online Real Estate Class with Paul Esajian


Saturday October 8th, 2022
8:00am to 4:00pm Pacific Time

About Your Trainers

Paul Esajian and his partners have been investing in real estate for over 18 years and they have invested in over $1.9 billion dollars of real estate during that time, over $1 billion in just the last few years! They have a combined 4.5+ million square feet of retail space, 1,500+ rental units. They have also invested in dozens of single-family rentals in strategic cities across the country.

About the Event

In this exclusive free training class, real estate experts Paul Esajian and his partner Noah Cosby will reveal the strategies that you can use to start building your single-family rental portfolio and how to get started investing in multifamily and commercial real estate. These strategies will help you get started making multiple streams of income for yourself and your family.

You will get behind the scenes insights and tips from their own commercial and residential real estate portfolio experience. There has never been a better time to get started making multiple streams of income through real estate.

Event Curriculum

Cash Flowing Residential Properties
Learn our process to create cash flow using other people's money.
Learn how cash flow properties can beat the traditional retirement path.
Learn our system to find and buy your first single-family cash flow property.
Learn how cash flow properties can create generational wealth.
Learn our system for investing in real estate to escape the rat race.
Cash Flowing Commercial Properties
Learn how you can invest alongside experienced investors in commercial properties.
Learn the formulas we use to quickly analyze multimillion-dollar commercial deals.
Learn our method to analyze and identify the best rental markets.
Learn our secret to using IRS sponsored rules for commercial properties which potentially can decrease, or even eliminate your tax liability.

About Your Speakers

Paul Esajian

Paul Esajian, is the co-founder of FortuneBuilders, CT Homes, LLC, and Equity Street Capital and one of the nation’s premier real estate investors and educators.

Paul Esajian has over 18 years of professional experience in the real estate investment and lending industry. He is the founder and principal in several real estate investment companies and has been involved in over $1 billion dollars of real estate investments during that time frame.

Paul has experience in many facets of real estate investment including underwriting, raising money, investor relations, transaction coordination, construction management, disposition coordination, accounting and taxation.

Paul also co-founded a commercial real estate investment company, Equity Street Capital. The company focuses on investing in income producing commercial property throughout the United States. Their commercial investments include apartment communities, retail properties, and office buildings. Paul and his partners have acquired over 1,500 units and 4.5 million square feet of commercial space in the last few years, investments totaling in over $1.8 billion dollars.

Paul Esajian

Noah Cosby

10-Year Real Estate Investor at CIP

Noah is a prolific residential and commercial real estate investor from La Jolla, California with dozens of single-family and apartment deals under his belt. He serves as Vice President of Admissions at FortuneBuilders, the nation’s premier real estate seminar and coaching company. Noah oversees 150+ employees on a daily basis and has a passion for leadership, regularly speaking & consulting on the topic with countless business owners.

Noah Cosby